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Contractors and tradesman on todays jobsites will most likely come across a time when portable power is necessary to run their equipment like power tools. Relying on portable power is important , as you will want a dependable and reliable portable generator model that is the right size. With a huge range of models available on the market today, buying the right size is crucial to being able to run all your power tools.

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A 5KVA or 6KVA sized petrol generator has always been a very popular size generator as its a perfect size generator to run all sorts of equipment that needs to be run around the home, on construction sites, at events, or even as a back up power source for small sized businesses. A 5KVA and 6KVA petrol generator is classed as a very versatile size as for most models around 5KVA can be used across a wide range of industries. You will find quite a few different style 5KVA avaliable in our range such as inverter generators, avr controlled generators, tradesman style or your normal open frame industrial model, so matter what your application, you can be sure there is a 5KVA or 6KVA model to suit your needs.

With so many brands available, from alot of different companies, remember the Generator Store always stock and sell brands that deliver the true output that is advertised, and our brands are well known worldwide for there reliability and quality. The Generator Store's range of generators are backed with Australian warranty and supported by the manufacturies service network, which does not come with any cheap import models that are on the market today.

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A 8KVA sized petrol generator is a very popular size generator amongst industries such as trade and farming applications. A 8KVA petrol generator fits in the category of a portable heavy duty generator which will run a wide range of multiple power tools or appliances on construction sites or on the farm. This size generator will power most household and industrial pumps, welders, air compressors, cement mixers, shearing sheds, just to name a few.
With a lot of different brands available on the market today, remember the quality brands of generators that the Generator Store stock and sell will deliver the true output advertised and will have the reliability needed to complete your job. All of our generators are backed with Australian warranty and are supported by a nationwide service network, which does not come with cheap chinese imports.
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Out of Yamaha's extensive generator range the Yamaha EF2400iS inverter generator model, is their most popular, especially in the caravan / camping market. The Yamaha EF2400iS was voted the number one in the Australian Motorhome and Caravan Magazine, for the perfect generator model to take away with you,  and with the amount of choices of generators for camping / caravanning these days, to come out on top, says alot about this model. Whether you are after a portable inverter generator foir camping, small tools on the jobsite or at home, or to back up small appliances during a power outage, this generator model has some great features that makes it a great buy.

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Are you looking at buying a new generator, with so many different brands and types of generators on the market today, it can get confusing where to look or who to ask. What ever the reason you need a generator for, before you go and purchase one, its a good idea to know the top brands of generators that are on offer in Australia. Here at the Generator Store we only stock and sell quality made generators from Australia's leading manufacturers, so you can be sure you are getting a quality made generator with great back up for many years to come. When you have a look at Australia's best generator brands, one brand is not necessarily better than the other, but these manufacturers design generator models for different applications, so with the right advice you can purchase the right style generator to do your job.

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Honda is a well known household name, they can be found regularly on television, or advertising in the local paper or magazine for there products and services. This worldwide company manufacturers cars, motorbikes, power equipment, marine engines and of course generators. They are by far the world leaders in generator manufacturing and technology and can claim that their popular 2kva portable inverter generator model is the worlds best selling generator in its class.

Their extensive generator range includes a model for all applications, if your planning a trip around Australia or preparing to get some tough jobs around the farm or jobsite, Honda has a model for you. Honda generators are renowned throughout Australia, and all around the world for being the number one choice of back up power solutions. So no matter what you need to power, you can be confident Honda has the right generator for you.

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